List of District Officials

Administration - 5025 South Willow Drive, Houston, Texas, 77035
Superintendent Dr. Nita White 713-667-4051
Executive Director of Business and Finance Wanda Richardson 713-667-4051
Executive Director of Human Resources Angeles Reyes 713-667-4051
General Manager/Facilities, Management, Operations and Transportation Terrell Russell 713-667-4051
Assistant General Manager/Facilities, Management, Operations, and Transportation Kerry Shelton 713-667-4051
Executive Director of Special Services and Diverse Learners Dr. Natalie Hudson 713-667-4051
Executive Director of Teaching and Learning    
Technology  Jeff Siler 713-667-4051
Managing Director of Marketing and Enrollment    
Accelerated Learning Program Lead Lisa McNeill 713-667-4051
Health & Wellness Karen Allen 713-723-4699
Director of Accountability and Testing Dr. Brandie Buford 281-626-8243
Director of Effective Practices Tamara Harrison 281-626-8243
Math Content Specialist Monique Thornton 281-626-8243
Reading Specialist Tegria Jones 281-626-8243
Grants & Curriculum Dr. Brandie Buford 281-626-8243
Southwest Campus - Director Tawanna Cherri 713-723-4699
Southwest Campus - Assistant Director Curtis Harris 713-723-4699
Northeast Campus - Director Dr. Quentin Land 713-631-4396
East Campus - Director Gayle Voltz 713-637-6574
Early Childhood (District) - Campus Bilingual Administrator Patricia Monge 713-726-7690