We thank our Varnett community!

With the closing of the 2020-2021 school year, I wanted to personally thank you, our students and parents, for not only all that you have done over the course of the school year, but especially for what you have accomplished over the last 15 months during this pandemic. This year has been a challenging one, to say the least. 
In March 2020, when we left school, excited at the prospect of a relaxing Spring Break, many of us had no idea we would not step foot inside our schools again until September 2020. You have been a tremendous support and we thank you for getting your children logged into classes, participating in Zoom meetings, and assisting with homework.
After our schools closed, we learned that our public schools are so much more than just a building where learning happens for our students. We were all reminded that our public schools are places where students are taught, challenged, loved, and nurtured. Our schools are places where parents, teachers, staff, and administrators work collaboratively to make a difference in the lives of our most precious resource: our students.
I also want to thank our teachers for their commitment to Varnett in the face of unprecedented challenges. They were exceptional in balancing the dual role of educating our children in the classrooms and remotely. Our bus drivers, cafeteria workers, custodians, security personnel and aides all rose to the occasion to keep your children safe, well-fed and healthy.
When we departed for Spring Break last year, we had no idea that as parents, your lives would change as you would transition into a dual role of teacher and parent. For many of you, this was a challenge, as you were not accustomed to the curriculum, the technology, or the daily challenges of teaching. Yet, you did it side by side with your child’s teacher. You did it side by side with your child. I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for teaching, leading, encouraging, and parenting your child through this pandemic and ushering your child to the finish line.
We will continue our pledge to safety and a rigorous academic program. While we do not know what next year will look like and what it may bring, I know this… our students, parents, and schools will be ready.
Our students have also learned how to be independent and resourceful. You achieved this because of the hard work and dedication you brought with you each day. Thank you for your hard work. We will be back with in-person learning beginning August 23, 2021. I hope you are as excited as we are! 
Lastly, I would like to say thanks to our amazing Board of Directors for their outstanding leadership. They always made sure that our teachers, staff, and students had all the necessary resources to be successful both in-person and remotely. They, too, had to brush up on technology skills to participate in Zoom meetings and conference calls. Thank you.
I am so proud to be your Superintendent of Schools, and I am humbled by how everyone handled such unprecedented times. I wish you all a very happy, safe, and enjoyable summer. Please be sure to take time as a family to talk, play and read together. 
I look forward to seeing each of you on August 23, 2021, for in-person instruction.
Be safe,
Dr. Margaret Stroud
Superintendent of Schools
The Varnett Public School