Varnett has 100 percent vaccination rate for measles

Good news for the Varnett family!

The Varnett Public School has a 100 percent student vaccination rate for measles, according to an interactive tool posted on the ABC13 website. The report, taken from district and state records, covers the 2018-19 school year.

Before the start of each school year, parents are reminded to ensure their children meet the vaccination requirements as defined by the state of Texas.

Additionally, “we review the vaccination records weekly,” said Ms. Karen Allen, a health and wellness coordinator.

For mumps, measles and rubella, two doses are required, with the first dose received on or after the first birthday, according to state law dealing with students in kindergarten through 12th grade. Students vaccinated prior to 2009 with two doses for measles and one dose each for rubella and mumps satisfy the requirement.

Dr. Margaret Stroud, Varnett’s superintendent, said the district’s 100 percent vaccination rate is in line with the district's Mission Statement that emphasizes student safety.  

“We are committed to the safety and health of our children,” Dr. Stroud said. “We are serious about ensuring that students and staff don’t suffer from the effects of a debilitating disease. We are proud to have 100 percent compliance.”

Varnett also annually brings in experts for hearing and vision screening, Type 2 diabetes and scoliosis.

Thanks to all of our parents for ensuring the safety of everybody.

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