Here's an opportunity for your high-achieving child to skip a grade!

Varnett's ALPHA Academy is designed for students to have an opportunity to skip a grade level by successfully completing coursework and passing specific tests in Reading and Math.
ALPHA, which stands for Advanced Learning Program for High Achievers, is a unique program that strives to provide advanced instruction, academic mentoring, and enrichment to increase ALPHA Academy students’ mastery and support grade-level acceleration needs.
Here's what to know about the program:
  • Anyone can refer a student, such as a parent, teacher or staff member.
  • ALPHA is open to students in grades kindergarten through seventh. (Skipping a grade is not required.)
  • Students have the opportunity to skip a grade after one year in the program.
  • Students take regular classes with their peers and receive support from the ALPHA Program Specialist.
  • ALPHA students participate in all district initiatives, such as K-2 Spelling Bee; 3-5 Science Fair and 6-8 Aerospace.
  • ALPHA students have the opportunity to learn another language, such as French or Mandarin.
For more information, please contact Ms. Ingrett White-Moore, ALPHA Program Specialist, at 281-369-8855, Ext. 745 or email at [email protected].