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Meet the Superintendent

Dr. Margaret Stroud, named in 2014 as Interim Superintendent, has worked in a variety of educational settings including K-12, charter schools and post-secondary.
She has served as a classroom teacher, reading specialist, curriculum writer, assistant principal, principal, district superintendent, deputy superintendent and superintendent of a charter school.  In the Houston Independent School District (HISD), the largest in Texas, she was tapped to serve first as Assistant Superintendent followed by Superintendent for the North District and Deputy Superintendent of schools. During her tenure she was responsible for student achievement, school administration, development of a principal selection process and professional development for principals and area superintendents.
After receiving her Bachelor of Science degree in Education from Texas Southern University, she began her career. She became the first African American assigned as a teacher in an all-White elementary school. Afterwards her assignments as a teacher and administrator included locations that served diverse populations, including one where 26 different languages were spoken. 
These diverse cultural teaching environments assisted her development in areas that reflected culturally-relevant teaching practices and materials in four different elementary schools. The diverse practices also helped her write the elementary English Language Arts curriculum. Her efforts to improve student achievement resulted in one school receiving a monetary award and the other a “Governor’s Excellence Achievement Award.” These experiences helped to shape her philosophy of providing balance, equality and excellence in education for all children, with the responsibility being shouldered by teachers and students alike. 
Before being appointed as Deputy Superintendent of HISD, she successfully managed 42 schools and led 82% of the North District schools to exemplary and recognized status. As Deputy Superintendent, she developed a district organizational redesign and implemented a leadership development program for Principals and Area Superintendents.
Her commitment to education continued at the post-secondary level. Currently she serves as a Visiting Assistant Professor in the College of Education at Texas Southern University. Courses that she teaches include Educational Administration and Curriculum Development, with additional responsibilities of supervision of principal interns preparing for principal certification. Dr. Stroud’s instructional methodology reflects her philosophical beliefs that all students can learn and principals play a pivotal role in that learning.
Dr. Stroud is a recipient of numerous awards, including the YMCA Leadership Award, AHSA Amigo Award, Black Go Texan and the Trailblazer Award.  In 2010 she received the Distinguished Alumni Award from the College of Education at Texas Southern University. She has earned the following certifications and endorsements from State Board for Educator Certifications (SBEC): Superintendent, Mid-Management Administrator and Elementary.  Additional training certifications include Texas State Teacher Appraisal System, Teacher Perceiver – Haberman Institute, Leadership Development Trainer (DuPont), Model Netics Associate and Main Event Management. She has been instrumental in program planning for the following professional educator organizations: Houston Area Alliance of Black School Educators, Texas Alliance of Black School Educators and National Alliance of Black School Educators
As CEO of her own company, she provides academic, administrative and instructional support services to low-performing schools in Texas. With experience in charter schools, secondary and post-secondary levels of education, she fully understands the dynamics, challenges and rewards of collaborating with other educational professionals when necessary to aid in the success of a student. Her mission is to improve student achievement—everywhere.