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Reading Horizons

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Reading Horizons

Reading Horizons is a phonics program teachers use to teach the 42 Sounds of the Alphabet, five Phonetic Skills, and two Decoding Skills. Students also learn handwriting, reading, spelling, grammar, pronunciation, listening, and thinking skills. Reading Horizons is done in the classroom setting 30 minutes daily.
Features of Reading Horizons

Reading Horizons instruction satisfies many different learning styles and students actively participate in the lessons. Reading Horizons activates different learning styles by using kinesthetic cues, visual aids, and auditory representation for learning phonics and phonemic awareness.
There is a unique marking system used to identify patterns in words, making it easier for students (especially English Language Learners) to read words!
The Goal of Reading Horizons

The overall goal of Reading Horizons is for students to be able to look at a word, and use the skills they’ve learned to correctly decode the word, in order to read it. This skill helps creates a stronger reader. Reading Horizons provides the skills necessary to help students become confident and fluent readers. When students can read and understand words, they can comprehend what they are reading.