Safe Restart Opening Plan 2020-2021 » Meals


• All child nutrition staff will use PPE while performing job responsibilities and will be trained to practice health and hygiene regulations.
• No outside food deliveries will be accepted.
• Visitors will not be allowed during breakfast or lunchtime.
• If students can eat school breakfast in the cafeteria, only assigned students will be allowed in the mornings.
• Students will be separated with at least six-foot spacing when possible.
• Cafeteria and serving areas will be cleaned after students’ transition.
• Students will eat breakfast in classrooms whenever possible.
• When/If reporting to the cafeteria for lunch, students will be released on a staggered schedule.
• Lunches will be “Grab and Go.”
• Students may eat in the classroom or various locations throughout the building to maximize social distancing.
• Cafeteria, serving, and eating areas will be cleaned between uses.