Safe Restart Opening Plan 2020-2021 » Student Arrival, Dismissal and Transition

Student Arrival, Dismissal and Transition

• Multiple entry points will be established.
• Students will report straight to classrooms whenever possible.
• All areas of the building (cafeteria, larger classrooms, etc.) may be utilized to limit the size of student groupings.
• Multiple exit points will be established.
• Campuses will implement staggered release procedures.
• Students will be released from their classrooms to parents or to board buses.
• The transitioning of students will be limited during the school day.
• Students in grades PK-2 will be self-contained with one teacher as much as possible.
• Students in grades 3-5 will have a maximum of two content teachers. Whenever possible, teachers will rotate into the classrooms to limit student transitioning.
• Students in grades 6-8 will have a campus schedule designed to limit student transitioning during the school day.
• Considerations will be made at all levels based on student and staff needs.
• Desk shields will be provided for students participating in face-to-face instruction.