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What Do Children Learn at a Public Charter School?

A public charter school is a tuition-free option that parents can enroll their children in. They offer a nice alternative to traditional public schools. Many are not religious, like private schools. Instead, they tend to focus more on academics. Children in charter schools will learn many things that children in public schools learn.



State Standardized Tests

Charter schools are held to standards like public schools. However, these standards differ slightly because the public charter school writes them. The school forms an agreement, called a charter, regarding how the school will be run. Students do learn many of the same things, including reading, writing, and math, that are required knowledge on standardized tests.


How to Learn

Children in charter schools often have a different classroom setting than public schools. This may include children in uniform at desks or playing barefoot outside while learning about science. That's because every charter school tends to have a different teaching method. This helps parents and children learn how a child best learns.


Various Other Classes

Charter schools tend to go outside the norm, and every charter school differs from the next one. Most offer additional classes or curriculums. Basket weaving and survival skills may be taught in one, while another may focus more on the arts and teach dance.


Social Emotional Learning

While every school differs, many focus on social-emotional learning and academics. Social-emotional learning helps children develop skills crucial to the real world, such as self-awareness and self-regulation. Classrooms may include areas for this, or they can be included in the curriculum.



Some charter schools focus more on project-based learning. This learning style helps students learn by completing projects around them. It can include STEM, art, and even projects in the community around them. Project-based learning helps keep students engaged and often involves teamwork, making charter school students exceptional at teamwork.

Personal Growth

As students enjoy the various learning models and teaching methods, they'll learn about themselves. The environment offered at a charter school encourages personal growth on an emotional and social level, creating well-rounded students that are prepared for the real world.

According to Simply Family Magazine, children participating in a preschool program are more likely to hold a job, have higher earnings, graduate from high school, and commit fewer crimes. Contact your local public charter school to give your little one the healthy foundation they need now for a more successful life later.