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How to Improve Attendance in Public School and Avoid Absenteeism

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Chronic absenteeism is an issue that can have a significant impact on a student's life. According to the Department of Education, chronic absenteeism can prevent children from hitting early learning milestones, and it's associated with poor life outcomes. Educational institutions and parents must do what they can to address the issue of chronic absenteeism. Potential solutions for that persistent issue are detailed in this article.

Get Your Child's Education Started Early

Getting your child into public school early can help minimize the issue of absenteeism in the future. According to Education Week, children who attended preschool missed an average of 1.5 fewer school days than their contemporaries who bypassed that stage of education. Your child can develop a greater fondness for learning if you give them a head start on school.

Sending your child to preschool can do more than minimize chronic absenteeism. According to Michigan State University, preschool students are more likely to achieve and sustain educational success. Those same students are also better set up to earn more money when they become professionals.

Ease Chronically Absent Students Into Their School Work

Your child may be hesitant to return after missing a few days of public school due to an illness. They may be wary of falling behind their friends and struggling with certain activities. Your child's inability to overcome those mental hurdles may cause them to develop an absenteeism problem. Of course, the onus is not only on the student to catch up.

Both their parents and teachers must take an active role in helping them get back into school. Teachers can reserve some one-on-one time for their chronically absent students, so they can catch up on lessons they missed. Parents can offer additional guidance at home so their children can get up to speed faster. Those parties working together can encourage kids to return to school after prolonged absences.

Maintain an Open Line of Communication

Keeping a line of communication with the school open will also benefit your child. If your child has to miss school for a few days, you can ask their teachers about what they missed. You can then start discussing those lessons with your child so they'll quickly catch up.

Low public school attendance is a persistent issue throughout the country. The remedies mentioned in this article can directly address that issue. We can also provide a terrific learning environment for your children. Contact us at The Varnett Public School today to arrange your child's schooling need