Blog » Unlocking the Power of Play: How Pre-K Charter Schools Foster Early Learning

Unlocking the Power of Play: How Pre-K Charter Schools Foster Early Learning

It's never too early to put your child on the path to education. That's why more parents are opting for pre-k charter schools. Read on to see how these schools help advance early learning.


Children need to learn social skills from an early age. School is the starting point where children will have a chance to have regular interactions with other kids and adults they're not related to. By placing them in a pre-K charter school, you'll put them in an environment with professional adults and kids who have parents that want a good education for them.


Your pre-K charter school will begin introducing your children to a curriculum that other kindergarteners may not have access to. They may begin spatial learning through building blocks and start building 2nd language skills. According to Healthy Children, about 20% of children in the United States speak a foreign language at home, such as Spanish.


Educational flexibility has never been more important than during the time of COVID. The pandemic took many schools by surprise, particularly public ones. Private schools are usually better equipped to handle these types of situations where remote or hybrid learning is needed. Therefore, your little one never has to miss out on quality education due to weather issues, illness, or a national crisis.

Relationships with Teachers

In addition to the curriculum, one of the most important aspects of school is the relationships that kids have with their teachers. A pre-K private school offers students low student-teacher ratios, so each student will have more individual attention and won't fall behind. These school systems often encourage students to work in small groups where they benefit by bonding with and learning from their classmates in a way they won't get in a crowded public.

While preschool and kindergarten are a time for kids to continue to enjoy the art of play, that's not all this time should be. Pre-K charter schools understand how to use play to give these kids a head start in life. So, if you're eager to put your child in a private school from a young age, it could benefit them in many ways. Contact our administration today for more information about whether a pre-K charter school is right for you and your family.