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What Subjects Do Charter Schools Teach?

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You might have heard about certain schools being labeled a "charter school." What does that mean? According to NCES, a public one, like a public middle school, is publicly funded, and a group governs it under a legislative contract, which is also known as a charter, which is monitored by the district, the state, or something else. You might also wonder what subjects these schools teach. Here are some.

Arts and Theater

There are some charter schools that have an emphasis on the arts and theater. While students will learn subjects like math and science, the main emphasis is to help them develop creativity. Classes like drama and art will allow them to find those creative outlets to express themselves.


There are also charter schools that will devote themselves to teaching STEAM classes. STEAM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math. The purpose of this curriculum is to help students be more analytical in their thinking so that they might pursue science or other similar classes in high school and beyond.

Language Immersion

Does your child love languages? Do they easily grasp things like Spanish or French or Italian? It's always helpful to be bi-lingual, especially if you're in a neighborhood that has a lot of people who speak that language. That way, your child can fit in, and their brain development will also benefit, as well as job opportunities in the future.

Each of these charter schools can have unique offerings. The best thing to do is talk with your child and see what drives them. Your goal is to send them to the school that will be the best fit. Then they will really enjoy their time in school, and they'll also benefit for life.

The unique aspect of a charter school is that it can have a much more flexible curriculum than a traditional public school. In this way, your child will be able to flourish, since they will be able to focus on what they like. That will make sending them there even more worth it.

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