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What Is a Public Charter School?

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Public charter schools are becoming increasingly popular as parents continue to pull their children out of public schools in favor of alternative options, such as private schools. However, most people don't know what a private charter school is. This article will help clarify a few things so you can decide if a public charter school is right for your child.

Free to Attend

People often confuse private schools and public charter schools, but several differences exist. One of the key differences is that charter schools are publicly funded, which means they are free for every child to attend.

Charter Schools Have to Follow Regulations

This is another common myth about public charter schools. Private schools are not regulated by the government or a school board, which leads many to believe that the same applies to charter schools, but that's not true. According to NCES, a public charter school is a publicly funded school typically run by a group with a contract, or charter, with the state, District, or another board. Charter schools may have different regulations than public schools, but they still have to follow them.

More Flexibility

Charter schools offer more flexibility compared to public schools. For a public school to make changes, it has to be approved by the school board. Then, those same changes are often made district-wide, meaning it can take years to implement new learning methods. Independent contractors run charter schools, so changes for a school can happen quickly.

Small Class Sizes

Charter schools continue to increase in popularity, but many still offer smaller class sizes when compared to public schools. This allows charter schools to work closely with students with special needs and encourages student engagement in the classroom.

They Can Go Outside the Box

Charter schools vary depending on the charter school. Some may offer the necessities, such as reading and math, and only require that children attend for a few hours a day. This makes them popular among families that prefer to homeschool their children mainly. Other schools may offer programs to help children with social skills or encourage the arts more.

Every charter school tends to be slightly different from the rest in its unique way. Contact The Varnett Public School today to learn more about charter schools and discover whether they are right for your child.