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How Are Charter Schools Different From Private Schools?

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As you consider the best education for your child, you may wonder what type of educational environment is best for them. While many people praise the benefits of private schools, charter schools can be a better option. If you want to give your child a good head start, here are some charter school benefits to consider.

Free Attendance

According to NCES, between fall 2009 and fall 2019, public charter school enrollment more than doubled from 1.6 million students. The right public charter school is an opportunity for your child to get a better education. Unlike private school enrollment, charter schools can give your child a quality education without breaking the bank. Charter schools are free to attend, whereas many private schools often have tuition that can rival that of your local college or university, and you may not have the time to sit down and apply for scholarships.


Your local charter school is funded by the state or federal government. However, private schools rely on tuition, donations, fundraising, and grants. In other words, when your child is in a private school environment, there's a lot of pressure in terms of time and money for parents. That isn't the case with charter schools.

Admission Restriction

Trying to get a child into a private school can put a lot of pressure on both the parent and the child. Both will have to undergo a strict interview or several of them. The harder the private school is, the more intense those interviews will be. Admission into a private school relies on their admission board, which could decide to not admit your child for various reasons. Charter school benefits include open enrollment, as these types of schools are open to any child in their jurisdiction.


Private schools are known for their small class sizes, which enhance the student-teacher ratio to optimal effect. Fortunately, charter school benefits also include small class sizes, so you can rest assured your child is being looked after.

You can set your child up for a good education without the pressure of private schools. Private schools certainly have their benefits, but they're not for every household. Luckily, charter school benefits include more open enrollment for students, smaller class sizes, and, of course, a lack of tuition requirements. For a quality charter school your kid can benefit from, contact The Varnett Public School today for more information.