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4 Reasons to Consider a Charter School as a Preschool for Your Child

Charter schools, and private charter schools, in particular, are increasing in popularity. In fact, from 2010 to 2020, private schools with enrollments of 300-499, 500-999, and 1000+ all increased their enrollment numbers, according to NCES (enrollment in public charter schools with less than 300 students decreased). So, why are so many parents of students as young as those in preschool opting for charter schools?


1. A Tailored Approach

The most obvious characteristic of a charter school is that it's somehow different than a public school. There are many types of charter schools, meaning that parents have the opportunity to find a school that is perfect for their child. There's flexibility and specialization at charter schools that could make all the difference for a student, whether in preschool or 12th grade, or whether the student is struggling to keep up or running ahead of the pack.

2. Smaller Class Sizes

In general, charter schools have much smaller class sizes than public schools. It's a well-researched fact that there is an optimal class size for students to flourish. The budget constraints of public schools often result in many more students per teacher than is optimal. When a teacher truly knows a student and can tailor learning toward a specific person, great things happen in the classroom.

3. Parents Who Care and Are There

When you put your child in a charter school as early as preschool, you have tons of time to get involved and see other parents involved in the school experiences the kids are having. As a self-selecting group, the parents of charter school students are very interested in the education of their children. This means they are likely more eager and available to be involved. Charter school administrators know this and provide plenty of opportunities to be a part of what's happening at school.

4. An Alternative to a Poor Public School

In some areas, public schooling has become so shocking that parents need better options. This is particularly true for preschool students. Since public preschools are limited and it can be difficult to trust private at-home preschools, charter preschools are the perfect alternative. Parents don't need to leave their kids' education up to fate. They don't have to put their kids in a failing local public school.

For these reasons and many others, charter schools offer a great education, and preschool is a great time to start! Contact The Varnett Public School today to get started!