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How to Get Your Child Excited to Start at a New School

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In a perfect world, our kids would be excited to go to school every day. Unfortunately, that isn't always the case. If your child has been showing signs that they're nervous to start at a new school, here are a few tips that can help get them more excited to learn.

Create a Routine

Once children start school, they'll have to deal with a routine of getting up in the morning at a certain time, getting dressed, attending classes, and being aware of the school bell. Don't wait until the first day of school to get your child to adjust to a typical school day routine. Ease them into having a consistent schedule of waking up by a certain time. Ensure they eat a good breakfast and are dressed by a certain time. You can have them start packing their own backpack and check it for them. You want to ensure your child feels confident and prepared before they set out to go to school on a daily basis.

Start Packing Lunch

Spending most of their time at home may give your child regular access to food and snacks. As you prepare for charter school enrollment, you can have your child start packing their lunch to eat by a certain time, even while they're still at home or in preschool. According to the American Heart Association, kids in grades K-5 should eat at least one cup of fruit and vegetables daily. This is a perfect time to discuss with your child the food pyramid and the best type of healthy snacks for them to eat. Encourage them to pick healthy food options like pretzels over chips and fruit over candy. Knowing that they have some of their favorite foods to snack on can make them more excited to go to school, and they'll have the energy they need to learn.

Have Fun Learning

Remember you're their first teacher as their parent. Sit down and have fun learning with them as you see how close you can help them reach their developmental goals. However, this learning period doesn't have to be stifling or boring. Make learning as fun with your child as possible by incorporating games, puzzles, and various interactive activities. Try to take them on an educational field trip to the museum or park. You can even test them on things you reviewed that day by playing guessing games or giving them little assignments.

Planning for local charter school enrollment is an exciting time for a parent. As you take the steps to get your child ready for a new school, do what you can to prep them beforehand. For more advice on prepping your child for the beginning of school, contact The Varnett Public School for information.