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What Skills Are Targeted in Pre-K?

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Pre-k is an important part of a child's learning journey, and it can help your child get a strong head start on their academics. Let’s look more closely at some of the skills that are targeted in pre-k charter schools.


Reading Readiness

Although not all kids will be ready to read in the pre-k setting, this is a time for all students to establish reading readiness. Reading readiness refers to a child’s familiarity with books, written words, the correlations between language and printed words, basic alphabet and phonetic skills, and most importantly a love for books.


There is a great deal of time dedicated to this in the pre-k setting, and for good reason. When these skills are set within a context of fun and play, children will naturally associate learning with a fun experience that they want to continue.


Math Readiness

In addition to reading readiness, pre-k charter schools will also work on math readiness. In a similar fashion, this is about setting a foundation for children in which they feel comfortable interacting with numbers, recognizing numbers, and making the association of numbers to things in the real world. They learn that numbers are a tool we use to organize the world around us and gain more information. Some children will be ready at the pre-k level to start basic arithmetic while others will focus primarily on number recognition and basic counting.



Academic readiness is not the only skill that is worked on in pre-k charter schools. This is also when children will start to learn how to socialize properly with kids their own age and with adults other than family members. For children who have not been in a childcare setting before kindergarten, socializing with children and adults outside their family unit can sometimes be challenging. Pre-k charter schools provide an opportunity to work on these important skills before kindergarten begins. This helps set your child up for success once they enter school, allowing them to make friends and strengthen bonds with other students as they progress academically.


According to UNICEF, globally only about 40% of children attend early childhood education facilities. If you are interested in learning more about pre-k charter schools or enrolling your child in our pre-k program, be sure to contact The Varnett Public School today.