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Why Preschool Is So Critical to Early Childhood Education


Are you trying to determine whether you should send your child to preschool or have them stay home until it's time for kindergarten? There are plenty of reasons why this type of early education is so critical to early childhood education. Here are several of them.

It Can Help Brain Development

You might see a child in a preschool playing with a block and not think much about it. According to Teach Thought, though, when children do that even just for 15 minutes, they are learning mathematical and special principles. They are figuring out how many blocks there are and how to properly stack them. This is good for their brain development.

There Are Long-Term Benefits

There are long-term studies that show that children who go to preschool can have improvements in all areas of their lives, including their long-term health. The school sets up a lot of important building blocks for them in many different areas of their lives as they grow older into adulthood and beyond.

It Can Prepare Them for the Next Levels

Starting the early childhood education process this far in advance can help your child get used to the school routine. They will be aware of when classes begin and end, along with how to behave in that environment. That way, when they advance to kindergarten, it won't be a shock for them compared to some who might go straight to kindergarten. That is an important gap to bridge.

There are those who might view early childhood education as just a time for the kids to play. While it's true that there are a lot of creative activities to help stimulate their brains, there is still education going on, as evidenced by that example about how even playing with blocks can be beneficial to a child's intellectual growth.

Sending your child to preschool is not something that should be overlooked. Your child needs the best early boost so they can thrive when they are older, and this is one of the best ways to ensure that happens. Are you looking for a preschool in your area? Here at The Varnett Public School, we do charter pre-k along with middle school. Contact us today to learn more about our curriculum.