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How Charter Middle Schools Support Social and Emotional Development

Charter middle schools are surprisingly similar to traditional schools in that they're publicly funded schools, however many of the differences are in the details. According to NCES, a charter school is governed by an organization under a legislative contract with the state, district, or another entity. These schools prioritize academics as well as social and emotional development, and here's how.


Small Class Sizes

Charter schools are known for their small class sizes. This encourages more personalized attention from teachers, helping promote positive teacher-student relationships. This closer relationship allows teachers to address concerns regarding social and emotional development in students. The small class sizes also ensure that all children interact more with one another, increasing socialization.


Dedicated Curriculum

A charter middle school often includes social and emotional growth in the curriculum. Children are encouraged to work together on projects to promote social skills. Teachers and the administration ensure ample time for socializing, which children may not get when in other schools. The curriculum also provides little ones with opportunities for emotional growth, such as challenging children to encourage them to work through feelings while increasing logical thinking skills.


Core Values

Charter schools are often required to follow a curriculum that includes subjects you see in other schools, like math, English, and reading. However, they take things a step further at a charter middle school. Charter schools also emphasize core values like respect, manners, and responsibility. Teaching these core values enhances emotional development in children of all ages.


Mentoring Programs

One of the many ways that charter schools often do this is by encouraging mentoring programs. Older students often help teach younger students. This provides both students with attractive benefits. Older students learn responsibility and retain information better by teaching it to younger children. Younger children are surrounded by positive role models who encourage respect, integrity, and accountability.


Conflict Resolution

Another critical area that a charter middle school will focus on is conflict resolution. Children are encouraged to use dialogue to solve problems instead of arguing with each other. This is often facilitated through staff to promote healthy coping skills, conflict resolution, and skills that will last a lifetime. This is often used instead of rules that suspend both children.


A charter middle school will help encourage development in every area, including academics and social and emotional development. Contact us to learn more about the curriculum we offer!