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3 Great Qualities You Can Find in Charter School Teachers

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When considering schools for your child, you may come across charter middle schools as an option. Though they are still public schools, charter middle schools have more flexibility and autonomy than traditional public schools. One major advantage of charter middle schools is the high quality of their teachers. Charter schools tend to attract talented, passionate educators who believe strongly in the charter model. What qualities stand out amongst these professionals? Here are three great qualities you can find in charter middle school teachers.


They're Extremely Dedicated

Few people go into teaching for fame or fortune. Most do it because they care deeply about educating children. Charter school teachers tend to be especially committed to their students and the school community. According to UNICEF, over 200 million children under the age of five aren't fulfilling their developmental potential. Teachers who personalize learning help every student reach their potential at every age. They believe strongly in the importance of providing high-quality alternative learning environments. This motivates them to take on extra responsibilities and put in long hours to see their students succeed.


They're Specialists in Their Subjects

One issue with traditional public schools is that teachers sometimes have to teach subjects that are outside their direct area of expertise. However, most charter middle schools make an effort to match teachers to the subjects they know and love best. So the teacher leading your child’s math class likely has extensive knowledge and qualifications, specifically in mathematics. This specialized knowledge allows charter school teachers to provide deep, meaningful learning experiences.


They're Passionate About Innovative Teaching

Some public school teachers feel constrained by overly scripted curriculums that limit their teaching choices. Charter school teachers, on the other hand, often have more flexibility to employ innovative and creative teaching techniques tailored to how their students learn best. Their passion for constantly improving their teaching fuels an engaging, dynamic classroom environment.


When considering schools, don’t underestimate the importance of passionate, dedicated teachers. Charter middle schools tend to cultivate teaching staff with qualities that translate into rich, holistic learning experiences for students. Factor the teaching staff into your decision-making process alongside elements like location, academics, enrichment programs, and more. If you're looking to enroll your child in a charter middle school, call now to schedule a tour of Varnett Public School.